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Prenota una videochiamata con noi, puoi spiegarci il tuo progetto artistico, ascolteremo il tuo/tuoi brani e possiamo darti un feedback durante la chiamata e spiegarti come lavoriamo. Se ci piace la tua musica, possiamo offrirti un contratto di pubblicazione e un'offerta di collaborazione per entrare a far parte del nostro catalogo editoriale di artisti e compositori.


PA74 Music publishing company

PA74 MusicEURVia Piemonte 3, Voghera,, Stripe, etc.

Feedbacks & Consultation

Book a video call with us, you can play your track, we'll have a listen, and we can give you feedback during the call and explain about our work. If we like your music we can offer a publishing deal and an offer to join our roster of artists and composers.

Knowledge is Power

Music Business PRO training Online & Offline: Arguments:- The Main Actors in The Music Industry- Analysis of Music Business Contracts- Marketing and Management - Music Rights & Neighbouring Rights- What is a P.R.O. - Stands for a Performing Rights Organization- Creation of Promotional Strategies

Life Coach Session

Motivation-Psychology session. We can talk with you, if.... Problems.You are lost in your direction and need motivation for starting.You stop believing in yourself and think that life is very boring.You can’t find communication with other people.You have problems with relationships.Help in business.You want to create your goals.You need knowledge about time management. You need knowledge about financial literacy.Self-development.Look at your life on the other side.Healing-psychologic consultation.Meditation.For Artist.How to be an artist.Relaxation before the performance.Believe in yourself.

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